Light Harmony offers an extensive range of lighting design and engineering services to a diverse range of clientele in the following industries: Federal and State Government, Local and City Councils, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Home and Project Builders, Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers, Interior Designers, Electrical Engineering Consultants, Legal Firms, Sports Facilities and Industrial/Mining/ Manufacturing Plants and Facilities. 

Our lighting engineering and design services include:

Illumination Design to Australian and International Compliance Standards

• Interior lighting to AS/NZS1680
• Radiosity, rendering and ray tracing modelling
• Emergency lighting design to AS2293.1 and the National Construction Code (NCC/BCA)
• General exterior lighting to AS/NZS1158
• Public car park lighting to AS/NZS1158.3.1 and AS4282
• Minor roadway lighting to AS/NZS1158.3.1
• Major roadway lighting to AS/NZS1158.1
• Pedestrian crossing lighting to AS/NZS1158.4

Comprehensive Lighting Auditing

• Comprehensive site illuminance recording utilising calibrated illuminance meters, evaluation, report preparation and provision of engineered compliance solutions to relevant standard
• Signage luminance testing for determination of compliance with Main Roads recommendations
• Field tactile indicator luminance testing for compliance with AS1428

Environmental Lighting

• Field data collection, measurement, evaluation, design, modelling and reporting for obtrusive lighting compliance with AS4282
• Lighting modelling for environmental reporting and analysis
• General glare evaluation

Lighting Energy Minimisation Design and Management

• Greenstar lighting evaluation
• National Construction Code (NCC/BCA) Part J6 - Artificial Lighting and Power, lighting design
• Queensland Development Code 4.1 - Sustainable Buildings, lighting design

Specialist Lighting and Floodlighting

• Lighting of sport events for colour television and filming to CIE 169
• Tunnel lighting to AS/NZS1158.5, CIE 88 and NFPA 502
• Floodlighting of airport aprons service areas and taxiways to CASA Mos 139

Certification of Lighting

• Certification of the lighting components of the National Construction Code (BCA) to Part J6 - Artificial Lighting and Power, Part F4 - Light and Ventilation and Part E4 Emergency Lighting, Exit Signs and Warning Systems

Problem Solving

• Evaluation of illumination designs with respect to compliance dispute resolution
• Testing, evaluation and discovery of luminaire technical problems 

Expert Advice and Reporting

• Independent expert witness reports and testimony in court
• PHD-qualified expertise in complex technical lighting matters